Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Sheldon Patnett – A Hong Kong Based Photographer

Some people are just obsessed with photography and same is the case with SheldonPatnett. He and his beloved dog Bella travel around places and click as many photographs as possible. Sheldon Patnett also owns a website.

Over there, you can view his brief introduction including the place where he hails from, his likenesses, his skills and his favorite leisure activities. Then, on another page, there is a lot of stock of his exclusively clicked images of the wonderful places in Hong Kong.

He not only captures worth-watching places behind his camera lenses, but also finds it interesting to click images of the people in their regular day to day expressions.

He has captured breathtaking pictures of a few models as well. In totality, he has portrayed all his wonderful work on his website. To check that personally or to contact him for any of your photography consignments, you can visit his website today!


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