Thursday, 22 August 2013

5 Beautiful Places of Hong Kong, Captured Behind Lenses by Sheldon Patnett

He knows the trick to artistically capture the most beautiful monuments of this world behind his camera lenses…

He hails from Hong Kong and does photography because it is not only his profession, but the keenest obsession…

Any guess of who we are talking about?

Well, it’s Sheldon Patnett.

He is a resident of one of the two Administrative regions of the People's Republic of China, i.e. Hong Kong. 

He has a wonderful website over the internet, over which you can see some of the amazing pictures that have been clicked exclusively by him.

On his website, he has categorized his photographic work in two sections, i.e. People and Places.

People section includes the images of common people in their natural expressions. And, the Places section covers pictures of Hong Kong based places such as Choijin Lama Temple, Ulaanbaatar Center, Buddhist Temple (Lantu Island Hong Kong), Central District and Temple Gates on Lantau Island (Hong Kong).

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